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Can I be convicted of a DUI when I’m not driving the vehicle?

You can be convicted of a DUI in KY even when you are not actively driving the vehicle.  You can even get a DUI if you are sleeping off drugs or alcohol while in your car. You need to simply

Can I be found guilty of DUI if my medication was prescribed to me by a Dr?

One of the frequent questions I hear is “Can I be found guilt of a DUI in KY if I am taking prescription medication?”  The answer to that is “YES”. You can be found guilty of DUI in Ky, even

What Happens To My Commercial License If I Refuse to Take a DUI Test In Kentucky

Having and maintaining a commercial driver’s license means the difference between having a job and being unemployed for many people.  So what happens if you are suspected of driving under the influence and refuse to submit to tests of breath,